Imagination doesn't just mean making things up. It means thinking things through, solving [problems] or hoping to do so, and being just distant enough to be able to laugh at things that are normally painful. [Some people] would call this escapism, but they would be be entirely wrong. I would call fantasy the most serious, and the most useful branch of writing there is.
--Diana Wynne Jones

Thursday, March 4, 2010

You know March is here because...

February brain-fog is lifting, even though the weather still kind of stinks. I had a good writing day.

It's also NATIONAL GRAMMAR DAY, March forth, er, fourth. I know you're excited.

Some Grammar Day comics for you:

Take this quiz, courtesy of the Grammar Girl website. See how you do.

Correct the Celebrity
1. Which album title has the spelling error?
      a. “Dutchess,” by Fergie
      b. “Growing Pains” by Mary J. Blige
      c. “Graduation” by Kanye West
      d. None of the above

2. What’s wrong with this lyric by Justin Timberlake? “When you cheated girl, My heart bleeded girl.”
      a. It’s perfect as it is. Leave Justin alone!
      b. “Bleeded” is not a word. “Bled” is.
      c. There should be commas before and after “girl”
      d. Both b and c are correct.

3. Circle the errors Paris Hilton made blogging about her new shoe collection.
(Hint: there are at least three!)

“Don’t worry, if you arent in Orange County, you can also get the shoes at Kitson,,, Bakers, Lord & Taylor and select specialty boutiques across the counrty”

4. Correct the following movie titles:
      a. How She Move
      b. The Pursuit of Happyness
      c. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
      d. The 40 Year Old Virgin

5. Circle the error in this statement by Christina Aguilera:
Today is a very joyful and special day for Jordan and I as we welcome our first son into this world.

6. What’s wrong with this David Hasselhoff quote?
“I am also doing a heart-rendering set on my life and the mistakes I have made.”
     a. There should be a comma after life.
     b. “heart-rendering” doesn’t need a hyphen.
     c. “heart-rendering” should be “heart-rending”
     d. The sentence is fine as is.

7. One of Jessica Simpson’s boyfriends dumped her via text message. The related headline
contains an error. What is it?
     Jessica Dumped in 118 Characters or Less

© 2008 SPOGG

Answer key forthcoming tomorrow.

What's your favorite grammar error?


  1. I love Americans and their grammar. Unfortunately, I am not a pro at it though. I wish I was. I LOVE grammar. Maybe that is why I love Latin so much. It is full of grammar.

    Have you seen my email about March 27th? :-)

  2. I think I'll ace that quiz. ;) I guess I'll have to wait and see. I don't have favorite grammar errors. I have grammar peeves that make me feel destructive, but not errors. (And now I'm all paranoid about my grammar in this comment.)

  3. You think you're paranoid: try writing a post about Grammar Day. I kept thinking things like, what if someone notices that I didn't have a subject, verb and object before my colon? What if I was supposed to capitalize that W in the last sentence, because I should have used quotes? What if everyone thinks I'm a grammar snob just because I wrote about National Grammar Day? What if no one comments just because they're afraid of making grammar mistakes? And doesn't she know that some spelling "mistakes" are intentional, to make a point or something? Like "Pursuit of Happyness"? Is that where the question mark goes, or should it be inside the quotes? (And just so you know, I didn't make up the quiz. Also, the comics come from the Grammar Girl website, too. I forgot to acknowledge the source).


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