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Unraveling (or raveling up) Dramatica

I've been meaning to write this post for a month, now, and finally, today, I have no trip to pack for, nothing to plan, nowhere to rush, so here it is at last.

I mentioned Dramatica in an earlier post, and I need to explain what the heck that is. Dramatica is both a theory and a software program that walks you through the theory using your own novel-in-progress. I'm just using a free version of the software, which I find frustrating, since I can't save anything, so I can't say whether the software is worth the money.

Here's my little sum-up of the theory, as I understand it.

Or, if you're interested in the details, check out the Dramatica website at, or click on one of the links in the website the Hickmans created for our conference workshop in June: (sorry, my links refuse to work today for some odd reason. Maybe because I have no clue how to use them).

Dramatica uses the human mind and its problem-solving process as a mod…