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Showing posts from May 9, 2010


I've been thinking about what it takes to be a writer. *Patience, everyone says. It's true the publishing world is a slow place. *Persistence, yes, because good writers don't ever just dash off a novel in a couple of weeks if they care about their creation. And because the publishing world is a slow place. *Perfectionism, too, because you have to want to get it right badly enough to keep working long past the point when a normal person would send the #$!%&*! book through the shredder--or it won't be any good. And maybe it won't be any good anyway. La dee da. Whatever. Mostly, I realized this week, being a writer takes audacity. It takes mental swaggering. To think your writing is good enough to deserve to be in print on the national market. To take a place in book store shelves next to writers like Natalie Babbit, Sid Fleischman, Karen Cushman, Lloyd Alexander. Really? You think so? Maybe it's true. Maybe it absolutely isn't. But to wri