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Showing posts from May 17, 2009

Cars and Bikes and a Weird Day

Here's my weird Saturday: My sister borrowed my bike for a triathalon this weekend. Before she picked it up we had this conversation: Sis: So, I'm not used to bikes with skinny tires. How likely do you think I am to get a flat? Me: I hardly ever get a flat. Sis: I'll buy a spare anyway. Me: You won't get a flat. Sis: I'll buy one anyway. After spending the morning watching Sis swim, bike, run, I'm driving my son to a birthday party, when I feel my power steering is gone. I think my car has stalled, which isn't good, since I'm on a busy street, coming up on an even busier intersection, with nowhere to pull over, but when I check my dashboard, everything looks normal. After a minute I smell something I could swear is rotten fish. Me: "Do you smell that fishy smell?" E: "Yeah. Gross. Are we there yet?" The battery light goes on. The car starts dinging at me: bing! bing! bing! I turn the corner, which takes both arms