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Showing posts from May 15, 2011

End of the World and Last Day for Free Book

The world ends today. 6:00 pm, I think? So does my blog contest. Good thing I finished and sent off that book of mine this week. Whew. So, this is your last chance to enter to the drawing for Gary Schmidt's latest, if you haven't gotten around to it. Except I'm giving you a post-apocalyptic six extra hours (until midnight), if we're not all dead or translated or whatever. See post below for my review of the book and for contest details. I'll announce contest winners Sunday or Monday (if I'm feeling lazy), so be sure to check back then, anyone who still happens to be around. I mean, if Armageddon does come, the power will probably be out, and we'll have no T.V., so you'll want something good to read to get you through, right? Books and chocolate, everything's A-OK.

The Magic "Send" Button=Free Book for You

I did it. Finally pushed the magic "send" button on my computer. Yes, only three weeks later than I'd wanted. My verse novel is out of my hands and into my agent's and I'm going to have a life again. I'm going plant my garden. Going to exercise.Writing is so dang sedentary. Gained 10 freaking pounds writing this novel. Buy food (we're tired of nothing but cereal). Read Brideshead Revisited before next week's book group. Take care of the huge tax error the IRS thinks we made but didn't.  Attend my kids' dance showcase, State track meet, and sixth-grade graduation. Hang out with the fam. And of course, give away a free book . To you. To celebrated finishing my novel. All you have to do is enter my drawing. It's a great book: Okay for Now , by Newbery author Gary Schmidt. Wow. Such a great book. Perfect, actually. I have faith in literature again. Schmidt's two Newbery's were good. This one's better. I lo