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Book Give-away Winner Announced

Thanks to my new followers and to those of you who blogged about or otherwise promoted my giveaway, and especially for all the February condolences and good whishes. I mean wishes. See what I mean about brain fog? I can't even write in February. Bleh. My book is going so slow. Ly. Slowly. But I'm always happy to give away a free book. It makes my February less ugly. I'm throwing names in a dish right now (too lazy to find a hat)...pulling one...and the winner of the February Brain-Fog-Book-Blog-Givaway... is...   Gaylene.  Congratulations! Yay! Hooray! Huzzah! I'm so excited to send you a book! Email your address to me and I'll send you Bree's lovely blue (ish) Lost Saint . Ok. Seven days into February. It goes on, Judah. Here's an update: 1 surgery (son) 1 possible stress fracture or stress reaction (daughter) 1 set of x-rays to find out 1 MRI to find out for sure 1 crappy insurance policy that pays for nothing (I really ought to sell a