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Book-giveaway Winners and Some Thoughts on Art and Artists

We have three winners for this month's Neil Gaiman book-giveaway :  1st, Kim; 2nd, L.T., and third, SuperPi. Congratulations and thanks for following! Normally I'd let first place get first pick between The Graveyard Book Odd and the Frost Giants  And Coraline and then the second winner would get to pick between the two remaining books, and third place would get whatever hadn't been picked by #1 and #2. But since I'm behind the ball and haven't bought any of the books yet, I don't care if you all pick the same book. Winners please email me your choice of the above books and your address at and I'll send it to you this week, while I'm in my off-writing mode for a moment. Here are a couple of quotes for the last week of March, which happens to be the anniversary of the deaths of Ludwig Van Beethoven and Virginia Woolf , both of whom suffered from bouts of severe depression. I suppose it's the artist&