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Showing posts from September 12, 2010

Love your helmet

My new favorite object: Ever since Monday, when it saved my husband's head. Here's a close-up: See the gouges that would have been in somebody's head? The helmet hit twice. Unfortunately, helmets don't cover arms. The left arm broke and was surgically repaired. That's ok. We're used to broken arms. We already had one of those this week when daughter #3 tripped at a football game. Just a little buckle fracture. Radius and Ulna. This is the bike that guys like to covet and wives and girlfriends love to hate. Yes, it was a beautiful machine. Even I can see that. See the twisted engine guard? It's my second favorite object this week, because it saved at least one leg from getting really smushed against a car. Moral of the story: WEAR YOUR HUGE, WAY-TOO-HOT, SUPER-ULTRA-GALACTIC-PADDED HELMET AND YOU PROBABLY WON'T END UP IN A COMA OR DIE WHEN YOU CRASH YOUR MOTORCYCLE. Love your helmet. It's a beautiful thing.