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Showing posts from May 16, 2010

Another Free Book and Two Excuses for Dropping Out of the Blogosphere

This has been a crazy month.

One reason for this is that I signed up to become a Woman of Steel last December. It sounded like a good idea back then. The Woman of Steel Triathlon was months away. It would give me a training goal, help me get in shape, blah, blah blah.

Now that the race is two days away, I'm thinking it was not such a good idea. I'm not feeling like a Woman of Steel. More like--I don't know--Woman of Silicone, maybe? I'm talking about muscles, of course, not...what you thought. Well, whatever.

I blame those people who set New Year's resolutions to get in shape this year and hogged all the lanes at the pool. And the February smog that made me not want to run. And of course all the rain this spring that kept me off my bike.

I've tried to make up for all that sloppy training in the last two weeks. Except I haven't been very good.

And I'm going to sample my first Poly Platter the day before the race. This is strictly research for my Hawaiia…