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Showing posts from February 2, 2014

The February Post

It's February again, the Unspeakable Month, and time for the annual Trash-on-February post. January brown air Because February, Month of Love, is also the season of toxic air, no sun, brown icicles hanging off cars, and cold that goes on and on and on. January: no new snow, and dog Tis the time of left-over, tired-out snow, and pollution-induced bronchitis; also pneumonia, sinus infections, flu, and any other lung disease you've ever heard of. There's nothing to sing about but inversion-magnified pollution, the tedium of cold ugliness everywhere, and did I mention the really bad air? Fa la la, and so forth.  I barely need mention the decking of halls with pukey-colored Valentines' decor, fuchsia underwear ads, Pepto-Bismol candy, trashy movie-trailers for films that think sex is romance...and yeah, of course, the really, really bad air. We keep topping the charts for worst in the nation. Me, trying not to breathe brown January air And then t