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Diminish Your Sense of Isolation During Social Distancing: Read Aloud to Your Ficus

With many/most of us stuck at home waiting out the novel Corona virus and generally freaking out because, I mean, plagues and earthquakes? Waking up and your bed is shaking and lights swinging from the ceiling and now that the power is back on are you going to have a job tomorrow? And there's no toilet paper on the store shelves, and more importantly, Harmon's is running out of Cadbury eggs!  Gah! So stop stockpiling already! So, you could sit around frying your brains and shortening your attention spans obsessively scrolling through social-media feeds, watching cat videos, binge-watching Netflix...  Or you could maybe re-discover the pleasure of reading aloud--to your cat or your brother or your roommates or sister. Or to your fiddle-leaf ficus plant. Whatever or whoever you happen to be stuck inside with. Ficus is a good listener Might as well make it a community thing. Loneliness can suck your soul as much as any virus. Even alone with a book you&