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How do you know when you're done with your book?

It's snowing again. But last week the weather was warm, and I put on my barefoot shoes and went for an almost-barefoot run in the park. Have I mentioned that running barefoot in the grass is Epiphany and Nirvana and Halleluia rolled into one?                                                        Aahh....Bare feet.                                       That's why I had to write a book about it. Which is still way too long.   People keep asking me (since the revisions go on and on, Judah), how do you know when you're done? That's a REALLY good question. The answer on the current book is: not yet. It's not like I know anything. I just write because I can't help it. But I can tell I'm NOT done if I'm not happy with these things: *Plot. Problems? Does everything build to a climax? Does everything connect? Loose ends? * Characters/character traits.  Do they talk in a way that a reader could recognize without dialogue tags? *End of chapte

Book Winner

Thanks everyone who entered the free book-drawing, and welcome to all my new followers! Wow, everyone wants to get their hands on The Clockwork Three . Of course. It's a great book. Even if you didn't get it free, you should go buy yourself a copy. As a little introduction if you're new to the blog, I am a fiction-writer in the process of shopping my stuff. I have an agent, so I let him do most of the work there, while I do the work of writing books. I love to read, love to write, love all things bookish. Here on the blog, I write about  the writing process, review books I liked, talk about the life of a writer, and try to give away a book a month. The drawings are small, so your chances of winning are always pretty good. My rules for give-aways: must be books I've read myself and loved, with great stories and beautiful sentences. They aren't always the hot sellers, but I swear they're worth your time. Because there are so many books out there. And so few