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The Most of 2010

Ok, January is not over, and I don't think it's too late to talk about last year's books.  I took the 100+ Book Challenge and read 101 books in 2010. Most were Middle-Grade and Young Adult, since that's what I write. I read a little non-fiction, even some books for grown-ups. Most of the time I tried to pick the best of what's out there. I mean, why waste the time if it's not great? Some of it wasn't. And sometimes I just read the shortest, because it was New Year's Eve and I was running out of time. Here's The Most of my year's reading. *Note: Keep in mind these aren't books necessarily published this year, only read this year by me. Oldest Beowulf . Reread this for my poetry novel. Still fascinating to me to be in that ancient world. Most Important * Hold on to Your Kids: Why Parent Need to Matter More Than Peers , by Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Mate' .      This isn't even fantasy and it still wins. This book ha