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Showing posts from April 29, 2012

Not just a hobby, dude

It's April, so I was doing my taxes. Not my favorite thing on earth. Actually, I was gathering papers and checking my files and looking up figures and calling up my dentist so I could figure out how much I spent on family dental bills last year ($3,000, believe it or not. Yes, we do floss our teeth), and then giving all the results to my tax accountant, because numbers and my brain, they don't mix, and my taxes happen to be complicated. So, technically, the accountant   was doing my taxes, not me. I was just paying for it. Not my favorite thing, either. I needed more deductions. So I asked the tax guy if I could deduct writing expenses. Writing conference fees, travel expenses, the research trip I really need to take for my next book...because I had heard... Him ( sympathetic smile ): No, unfortunately, since your writing doesn't bring in any actual income, the government considers it a "working hobby." You know, something you just do for fun. I thi