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Showing posts from August 16, 2009

An SCBWI Episode (part A)

Yeah. Another one. What? Don't you have ANYTHING else to write a blog post about? No. You got a problem with that? Nothing happens in my life. Ever. I sit in front of my computer all day and type. I take care of my sweet and nearly-perfect children (Shut up and quit fighting, you guys! I'm trying to write!) who are old enough to pretty much take care of themselves. And I haven't been alone once all summer long. Being alone recharges me mentally. Too much socializing shuts down my brain. I NEED alone time. So when I go somewhere (alone!) I get really excited. Kind of like when you have a new baby and you finally make it Outside! The Door! To the...Grocery Store! And you really want to tell someone, only NO ONE cares. And neither should you. Because what's so exciting about getting in the car and driving to and from the store? So SCBWI is the kind of thing only writers get excited about, and for me it was kind of an alone marathon. With a thousand other people