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Dark Divine Launch Party and Free Stuff!

Author Bree Despain's paranormal romance The Dark Divine officially launched at a lovely little Salt Lake indie bookstore, "The King's English," on Saturday, January 2, and if you missed the party, I'm sorry, because I went, and I got free purple nail polish to match my book cover.

But you'll get a second chance to win not only the nail polish, but a signed copy of Bree's book. I tell you about it in a minute.

Because first I have to say, I'm in print! name is in print.

First, go buy a copy of Bree's excellent book, The Dark Divine, which you will like so much better than Twilight, whether you love Twilight or not, then open up the back to the acknowledgments page and there I am.

I will explain.

I need to begin with a story, of course. Pull up a log.

There was once--about three and 1/2 years ago--a writing conference with a writing workshop like no other, with a wonderful, brilliant writing teacher named Martine Leavitt, who is also…