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Showing posts from June 27, 2010

Book Suggestions, Please

Help! I'm getting on a plane headed for Korea in one week. That means I have 28-plus hours of potential reading time to fill, not to mention down-time in hotels. That is a good thing. The trouble: I've finished everything I was reading, and I don't know what book/s to bring. My goal, as you can see if you look to the right, is to read 100 books this year anyway, so I need all the suggestions I can get, all the time. So, tell me--what would you read if you were me? What great books have you read lately? What are your favorite reads? Young adult, big-people, middle-grade books--I'm up for anything, as long as you loved it. Thank you! BTW, you can tell me what you think of my new blog design, if you want, which has nothing to do with fires, or books, exactly, but I liked it anyway.