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Showing posts from August 7, 2011

July: Transformed into a Barefoot, Bearded, Green-smoothie-drinking Rain-cloud. Or Something.

Time has a way of evaporating sometimes. It has nothing to do with fun. It just disappears, like steam. I guess that's what happened to July, because somehow today is the second Tuesday in August, and a whole month is gone, and I don't know how it happened. The sun came out and, poof!

I wasn't writing. Riding, yes. Finally fixed my bike. But writing? Not on the new novel. Obviously not blog posts. Letters either. Both my sisters are probably mad at me.

Here's what I remember:

*We lost the dog and chased him down. 
*Worked hours in garden, which is growing like green demons. 
*Hiked mountains. 
*It poured rain every afternoon. In Utah. Where the total rainfall is 15 inches a year.
*I injured my Achilles and rehabilitated it. Didn't see doctor. 
*Read book on barefoot running.
*Read book on plot because I was mired in mine. Think I found my way out. 
*Ran barefoot with dog and kids in squishy park grass. 
*Experiment A: drank one quart green smoothie/day. 
*Quit experiment after…