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Showing posts from January 17, 2010

100+ Book Challenge

This year I want to read more. Every year I want to read more. So a few weeks ago when I came across this challenge to read 100 books in a year, it seemed just right. Granted, most of the books I read aren't exactly Henry James (thank goodness), or I'd never meet that 100 goal. I try to read a lot of middle-grade and young-adult books, since that's what I write. I do draw the line at chapter books. Picture books seem like cheating. Still, 100 seems like a good number to push for.

If you want to join the challenge with me, click on that little 100+ book challenge logo-thingy on the sidebar. Or on this blog post title. That should work, too.

My other reading goals:

1.  Include at least one grown-up book a month that has nothing to do with the how-to's of writing craft whatsoever--something that would be considered Literature with a capital L.

You'll notice right now, if you check out the sidebar again, that book is a Henry James.

I happen to hate Henry James.

The G…