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Book-Giveaway Winner and Suggestions

Thanks to everyone who joined my blog this month and/or participated in the Ides-of-February book-giveaway. I hate this part of blog contests, because I'd love to give you all a book, just for following my blog, and I can only pick one. I'd love to give everyone in the world a book, kind of like that Coca-Cola song. Too bad. The winner of the Ides-of-February book giveaway: (drumroll please) Pat! Congratulations, Pat. The rest of you, don't give up hope if you didn't win. I'm doing another free-book contest in March, and since so many of you mentioned how much you like Neil Gaiman, I'll be sure to include him again. Also, please feel free to suggest any other books you'd like to see in future giveaways and I'll consider them.

An Ides-of-February Book Giveaway

Today is February 15th. The Ides of February. (Insert raised eyebrow and sinister music here). They say the Ides of March are bad luck--what with the anniversary of Caesar's murder and all--but February is so much worse than March, I say the Ides of February must be worse, too. I expect something dreadful any day. On that superstitious note, I say we need something to counteract the bad omen. Free books, I think. Did I say that loudly enough? FREE BOOKS! This time I'm giving you a choice: 1. The Graveyard Book , by Neil Gaiman. It's a beautifully written, incredible story, with a rather disturbing first chapter, which doesn't change my opinion that this book is amazing--it just changes the age of the child I would give it to for a birthday present. When I closed the last page, I sighed and thought: That's how I wish I could write. 2. Rapunzel's Revenge, by Shannon Hale. My ten-year-old son read this in one sitting. It made him an instant Shanno