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Showing posts from January 10, 2010

Book-giveaway Winner and Running Almost Barefoot (actually not) with Andre

Thanks to all you new blog followers/subscribers/commenters and to Julie for sending most of you my way. Congratulations to Sylvia , who is the blog contest winner! You now own a signed copy of The Dark Divine and a matching bottle of official Dark Divine purplish (or pinkish - my family disagrees about the actual color) nail polish. Email me at with your address so I know where to send it. For everybody else, I'll be giving free books away about once a month this year, so keep checking back. Also, you can find The Dark Divine by Bree Despain at Borders, Barnes and Noble, The King's English Bookstore, Amazon, and elsewhere online. Ask at your local library, too, and maybe they'll order it for you if they don't have it already. So. My advice for the week : NEVER RUN BAREFOOT ON A TREADMILL. Friction burns. Duh. Didn't think of that before I took off my running shoes at the gym and stepped on that moving belt. Another revelation :