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Who needs November? January is the Real Novel-Writing Marathon Month

January is marathon month. I'm not talking about running. I have no motivation to run lately: four miles max for long runs, if you're being generous. Probably you shouldn't be that generous. I'm not sure I ever run that far. On my off days I watch Merlin reruns while I ride the bike trainer. Sometimes I have more off-days than on-days. Sometime I think all days should be off-days. Running Shoes    Vs.       Biking Shoes Clearly running isn't one of my New Year's resolutions. I run when I feel like it. That keeps it fun. And I believe in doing what the season calls for. In December it calls for good food and family get-togethers, and, of course, gaining weight. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the extra five. Family get-together  2014  And right now the season seems to be calling for a marathon write. So I write. All morning long. All afternoon. All evening. Because it's dark and cold outside. The air looks like poop. Mos