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Showing posts from April 22, 2012


Some of you have noticed Storyfires has gone dormant around here this winter. Thought I'd resurrect for Spring. My tulips and forget-me-not are in bloom. Aspen and maple leaves have appeared. Bleeding heart. Cherry blossoms. I keep thinking I should xeriscape my yard since I live in a desert. Cactus. Yucca. Mesquite. So I went to the nursery and came home with thyme and irish moss and delphinium. My psyche thinks I live in England, where things are green because it rains. I am alive. I am writing. Just so you know. Free books will be coming again. More stuff about writing. More about the writer's life. Finding balance. More about barefoot running. Maybe a poem or two. Just to torment you. See you around the fire!