Imagination doesn't just mean making things up. It means thinking things through, solving [problems] or hoping to do so, and being just distant enough to be able to laugh at things that are normally painful. [Some people] would call this escapism, but they would be be entirely wrong. I would call fantasy the most serious, and the most useful branch of writing there is.
--Diana Wynne Jones

Friday, October 1, 2010

Two More Days to Win a Free Book

I've decided to extend the deadline on my blog contest, since I only gave you two days to enter, which wasn't really fair.

The new deadline to win Kristen Chandler's new book, Wolves, Boys, and Other Things That Might Kill Me, is Sunday, October 3rd, at midnight.To see contest rules, go here. It's a well-told story with a satisfying romance that teenage girls, especially, will love. And it has wolves. Real ones. Best of all, it's FREE. All you have to do is enter the drawing.

Winner will be announced Monday morning, so be sure to check back.

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