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Showing posts from December 5, 2010


It has been so long since I blogged, I think I forgot how. I have writer's blog-block.

Let me think of an excuse, quick.


Maybe a top-ten list:

10. Didn't feel like it.
9. I was writing. As opposed to what is happening here.
8. Plans for my next post way too big. I was intimidated.
7. My house was dirty (not posting didn't change anything there).
6. Too busy being thankful.

5. Working on a freaking novel in verse. You think I have extra brain-waves left over?
4. My kids hog the internet. They claim it's homework.
3. It snowed.
2. It rained.
1. Uh....I went for a run?

10 REALLY good reasons.

Actually, what I should be posting about are the good books I've read lately that I want you to read, too, but first I have to fly to Alabama and back to watch my daughter run a race.

Newsflash: I am not worried about this trip. I am over my travel anxiety/panic/freak-out tendencies.

I promise I'll be back soon. Unless my plane gets hijacked. Or I get lost betwee…