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Last Chance for Free Book; Also, the Perfect Green Smoothie

Just a reminder that today is the last day to enter to win Bree Despain's latest novel, The Lost Saint. See post below for details and rules for the drawing. They aren't complicated, I swear. Deadline for entries is midnight tonight. You don't want to miss a chance to get free reading material in the month of brain fog. Also, this is a small-scale contest. Chances of winning are currently about 1 in 6.

Ok, then. The Green Smoothie. My current favorite breakfast.

Crystal Harper first told me about green smoothies. How they were the perfect running breakfast, etc. And, well, you can't argue with her daughter's running times. Not that Summer wouldn't be amazingly fast without green-smoothie fuel.

But then, there's the Tarahumara Indians of Born to Run, who swear by chia seeds for eighty-mile nearly-barefoot runs over hot desert sands. Only, chia seeds are so not delicious plain, as my daughter will tell you.

I wasn't excited about jumping on the Green-Sm…

February, Alas. And, Oh, Yeah, a Free Book.

February is here. Alas and woe.

Have I mentioned that I happen to hate February? That I think it should be banned from the year, and we should switch to an 11-month calendar? Valentine's Day should be banned, too, with all its horrible pink underwear and antacid-flavored candies.

I hate pink. I hate air-inversions and smog. I hate heart-shaped jewelry. I want to crawl into bed with a cup of bitter, slave-free hot cocoa and not come out until March.

Ok. I'm done now. I'd better give away a free book or something, as an apology for blackening your month with my hatred.

It's even a romantic book. By my friend, Bree Despain--the sequel to her YA novel The Dark Divine. It's called The Lost Saint and it came out just after Christmas.

If you like vampires and werewolves and things Twilightish, this is your kind of story. *Disclaimer: I still haven't actually read it because my girls are book-hogs and won't share. But they tell me it's "very intense."�…