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Showing posts from August 4, 2013

Locking the Door

I told several people that I am going to finish this draft of my current work-in-progress by August 8th, or lock myself in a room and not come out until I do. Even though the only available extra room with a door that shuts happens to be full of camping gear. And also has two bright pink walls and two bright orange ones (the girls couldn't agree on a single obnoxious color, so we settled for two obnoxious colors). Which gives the room a strange camping-with-creamsicles aura that may or may not be conducive to creativity.

Unfortunately, what with my husband's birthday, and a family camping trip (yes, we do use that gear), and someone else's novel that I'm supposed to read and critique by Thursday, and also some silly appointments--does this mop of mine really need to be cut? Really? Does my kid really need his cavity filled?--that goal is in serious jeopardy.

So as of today, I am officially going into the creamsicle cave and not coming out, even for food.

Maybe for food…